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Makers CountriesWebsite
Ischell France Website Link
Denmark Website Link
K&K Sound
USA Website Link
Schertler Switzerland  Website Link
LR Baggs USA Website Link
B-Band Finland Website Link
AKG Austria Website Link
Ehrlund  Sweden Website Link
Shadow Germany Website Link
Pickup the World USA Website Link
Peterman Acoustics Australia Website Link
Rebel Pickups Netherlands  Website Link
Schatten Design Canada Website Link
Headway UK Website Link
Accusound UK Website Link
Dean Markley USA Website Link
T-bone Thomann Germany Website Link
EPM Canada Website Link
Audio-Technica UK Website Link
Artec South Korea Website Link
Gullansky Labs Italy Website Link
SD-Systems Netherlands  Website Link
Andy Lee Cheng Pickups USA  Website Link
Carlos Juan Acoustic Pickup Germany Website Link
BG Pups Pickups USA  Website Link
Boton Pickups  Switzerland  Website Link
Hurley pickups  USA  Website Link 
Dazzo Pickups  USA Website Link 
Microphones for oud - Pickups for oud - Mikrofone für oud - Mikrofone für oud konzert.   
Oud microphone for live performance - Live mic for kora - Live pickups oud - Oud mic concert.
Tonabnehmer für oud - Micrófonos para oud - Pastillas para oud - Micrófonos para oud concierto.
Microfones para oud - Captadores para oud - Microphones pour oud - Micro de concert pour oud.
Micros pour oud - Microfoons voor oud - Pickups voor oud - Tonabnehmer für oud konzert.
Microfoni per oud - Pickups per oud - Oud pickups concert - Oud mic on stage - Oud pickups on stage.
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