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LuthiersCitiesWebsite Link
Guitarcraft Irkutsk Website Link
Vladimir Sysoev Perm Website Link
Padalka Guitars Krasnodar Website Link
Andrey Babitchev Saint Petersburg Website Link
Alexandr Daev  Saint Petersburg Website Link 
Eugene Kowalski  Saint Petersburg  Website Link 
Mikhail Lyashenko  Tula  Website Link 
Saltoz Guitars  Novokuznetsk  Website Link 
Lepsky Guitars  Krasnodar  Website Link 
Alexander Polyakov Perm  Website Link 
Dmitry Pisarev  Saint Petersburg Website Link 
ZakazGuitar Moscow  Website Link 
Скрипичных мастеров гитары Россия
Guitars luthiers Moscow - Guitars luthiers Saint Petersburg
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