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  xxx Violins Luthiers South-Africa: 9 xxx
   x Cello luthier South-Africa - Fiddle luthier South-Africa x
  x Violin maker South-Africa -  Set-Up violin South-Africa x
  x Cello repair South-Africa - Violin repair  South-Africa x


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. Limpopo

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. Western Cape


Violins Luthiers EASTERN CAPE: 1 .
Violin repair Eastern Cape - Violin set-up Eastern Cape
Marc Maingard Eastern Cape Website Link 
Violins Luthiers FREE STATE:   .  
Violins Luthiers GAUTENG: 4 .
Violin repair Gauteng - Violin set-up Gauteng - Violin luthier Johannesburg
Violin repair Johannesburg - Violin luthier Pretoria - Violin repair Pretoria   
Albertus Bekker Website Link
Hannes Jacobs Pretoria 0043 Website Link
Murray Kuun Honeydew 2040 Website Link
Svencino Johannesburg Website Link
Violins Luthiers KWAZULU-NATAL : 1 .  
Violin repair Kwazulu-Natal - Violin set-up Kwazulu-Natal - Violin luthier Durban
Violin repair Durban - Violin set-up Durban - Cello luthier Durban   
Jacobus van Soelen Durbanville 7550 Website Link
Violins Luthiers LIMPOPO:   .
Violins Luthiers MPUMALANGA:   .
Violins Luthiers NORTHERN CAPE:   .  
Violins Luthiers NORTH WEST:   .
Violins Luthiers WESTERN CAPE: 3 .  
Violin luthier Western Cape - Violin repair Western Cape - Violin luthier Cap Town
Violin repair Cap Town - Violin set-up Cap Town - Cello luthier Cap Town 
Dawne Haddad Cape Town 7985 Website Link
Jimi Glenister Kommetjie 7976 Website Link
Rob Drake Cape Town 7945 Website Link
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